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Spoofing Uses

Privacy with Spoofing

The main reason why people spoof their caller ID is for privacy.  When you spoof caller ID, you prevent the person you are calling from knowing who you are.  Spoofing your number is an alternative to blocking your phone number. Read More

Investigative Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is used often during investigations.  Originally, call spoofing wasn't really available to the general public and was  only used by private investigators and law enforcement.  Read More

Spoofing for Business

If you're a professional, caller ID spoofing can be quite handy.  You can call clients back from any number and have it appear as though you are calling from the office. Read More

Other Services & Features


 In addition to caller ID spoofing, many providers offer additional calling features and other services. 

Spoof Numbers

Spoof Numbers are local, long distance, and toll free numbers that you purchase and have forwarded to whatever telephone you choose.  For instance, you can purchase a local telephone number from California and have it forwarded to a phone in Washington.  If you're a business, you can purchase a toll free number and have it forwarded to your cell phone or home phone. 
SpoofTel offers local and toll free Spoof Numbers.

Voice Changing

Voice changing, as the name implies, allows a person to change what their voice sounds like during a call.  You change the pitch of your voice to sound like a male's or a female's.  Most spoofing providers offer this feature.

Call Recording

Most caller ID spoofing providers also offer the ability to record your spoofed calls. 

Mobile Apps

Some call spoofing providers have created mobile apps so that you can spoof calls from mobile devices such as the iPhone.  More information  apps can be found on the various providers' websites, as well as Cydia.

 Why Spoof?

With caller ID spoofing, you can disguise yourself as anyone you want.  No one will ever have to know your real identity. 

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